Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am that mom...

WELL....He's finally here!  :)

It was definitely long awaited and now that he's here...we aren't sure what we did before him.

The labor and delivery was long and probably the hardest and scariest thing I have ever done in my life.  But I made it and no expletives nor harsh words were said towards Kraig or anyone else for that matter.    Kraig and I made it through the 22 hours and now have a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  And NOW, we are THOSE parents.  You know who I am talking about...

 We just sit and watch him.
 We talk about him.
 I have already called the doctor asking about concerns I had.
 We don't really leave him out of our sight.
 We make sure he's breathing at all times.
 We take tons of pictures and post them to facebook...yep, we do....don't judge.

I never thought I would turn into THAT mom, but I have.  I can't get enough of him...

I'm not sure about this whole motherhood thing yet.  I have in no way have it down...I mean, we are only a week in so I feel like I should have lots of room to grow.  I just know that right now, I am thankful for a healthy baby boy and the rest is trying to survive and get a shower when I can. :)

 We also moved into our new house this weekend.  I am overwhelmed by the fact that I have to decorate it now and have it organized but the thing is, I used to be a pretty organized person.  Kraig once said he admired that about me.  However, I have slacked on my ability to keep things organized so I have to connect to that old organization skill and bring it back to life to get our house in ORDER because it is so NOT right now and I have no idea where to begin.  Good thing Kraig is off for another month and a half and I have don't have to work next year either ~ Right!?  O well, I will for sure keep you updated on how the organization goes because I have a few projects via Pinterest up my sleeve.  :) Pics to come.

And of course, pics of Rett to come too.  We did have newborn pics today so those will be shown to everyone who will look at him.  I mean, he's handsome so everyone should get to have there facebook feed taken up by him.  :)  Again, I have become that mom.

Sorry, folks.  I will though try to limit the pics to every few days and not every hour, how about that?