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What we do all day...

Rett and I have made it through the first full week of Kraig being at school.  It's been pretty uneventful. We have been on a really good schedule and Rett has slept through the night this week so that's a positive.  We don't do much during the day.  Just clean, laundry, all the housewife-y things, I guess.  I watch Rett a lot and we talk a lot.  And snuggle.  He's a great snuggler.  I find it hard to put him down sometimes because I don't want to loose this time with him.  I am excited to hear his first laugh though. Kraig and I play at night with him and try to get a laugh but still no luck, just lots of cooing and sweet sighs.  He's precious.  We still can't believe we have a kid sometimes.  It's still so surreal.  We love him so much and love to watch him grow.  Although, I wish he would stay little...

This week was also another first for me.  Kraig went off to work...I didn't.  The first time in a little over 10 years, I didn't go to work. …

and now August is almost gone!

Shooo...where is the time going?  I am not doing well with keeping up with this like I had hoped.  Sorry, folks.

Well, for August...all our visitors left ~ sad day.  :(  We had a blast with Kraig's parents, brother and Bobby.  We showed them around Chattanooga and just had a great time visiting.  The especially loved spoiling Rett.  I know he misses them all already.

Kraig did the Chattanooga Mud Run which he says was a blast.  I look forward to hopefully participating in it next year with him.  They finished in about 40 minutes.  I was quite proud of them.

Rett has grown an inch and gained almost 2 pounds since birth.  He's a little chunky guy :)  He can no longer fit in his newborn clothes.  That is extremely sad.  But before long, he will be talking and crawling so I look forward to that.

Kraig started school.  He is teaching Bible and History this year and looks forward to it.  He is very busy already but doing well and having fun.

So, my new goals for staying at home..…

Well, July's gone...Oops

Here we are in August and I am way behind.  O well, I had a kid, I guess I'm allowed to be.
Isn't he cute?!  I just can't get enough of him.  We just sit and talk all day long and some of the night too.  But that's ok.  :)

Well, we moved into our new house and still have lots to do but it's coming along about as quick as we can do anything with a newborn.

We have had tons of visitors and have loved all the traffic.  So, does Rett :)  He loves meeting new people.

His grandparents from PA are in right now and his Uncle Kaleb is on his way so Rett is getting to meet a lot of the family.  Still missing 2 of his aunts.  :(  But hopefully, we can visit them in the fall.

Kraig starts school next week so it is just going to be Rett and me...I hope to start lots of projects and continue getting our house in order.  Who knows though, I kind of just like to talk and play with Rett.  He's more fun :)

Well, that is June in a nutshell.  We haven't done much except try …