Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome, 2014....

2013 has come and about to go....

2013 has been a year full of blessings.  Today, I guess in leu of 2014 approaching I have been super reflective.  And as trying as 2013 may have been, it has been packed full of surprise blessings.

Let's recap.


Here are some photos from the year.  Rett turned 1.  He traveled to New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida this year.  He was last year's New Year baby.  He learned so many things.  He learned to walk, sleep through the night, talk and make fish faces.  He was Batman for Halloween.  He went swimming this summer.  He loved the sand.  Rett had a good year.

My dad retired this year.  It has been 3 years since he has lived at home here in GA.  It will be exciting to get to see him more and be able to share more memories with him with Rett.

We got to visit with much of our family this year too.  We got to see our PA family many times throughout this year and have so enjoyed that.  We always love to go north and always welcome visits to GA!

It's been a good year.

I am not always one to be excited for the New Year.  I don't normally get all into the ball dropping and stuff.  It's never been a big deal.  And I may only make it to midnight tonight long enough to give my honey a kiss and sneak in and give Rett a kiss and then go to bed but if 2013 is a precursor to 2014 - I am super excited.  I am just looking forward to 2014.

Right off the bat, we have a youth trip planned.  Then, we head to Atlanta with some very dear friends to Passion ATL.  Then, it just gets better.  Spring comes.  In April, we get to go to PA for a short trip to see Kraig's sister get married.   Our 5 year anniversary is in May.  My life group girls I had since 6th grade are graduating.  Rett turns 2.  We have a retirement vacation planned for my dad this summer.  We have another youth trip this summer.  And I am sure we will make our way to PA in August for Givens' family vacation.  Next fall looks calm for now but I'm sure it will be great also!  I am just excited to watch Rett grow and learn.  These past few months have been so fun!

I'm excited to get fit in 2014.  I am anxious to continue my cooking skills.  I have come a long way this year.  I have learned new meals and I am ready to challenge my ability even more and try to be more healthy and creative for us.  I am ready to clean out my house and make it more organized and toddler friendly.  I just need to declutter.  I have made new goals for our family and myself.  The past few weeks I have been really trying to figure out ways to be better in 2014.  I guess I just thought - "The Lord has more for me as a wife and mother,  I know I tried my best this year but there is always room for improvement."  My pastor spoke last week about an attitude adjustment....that whole day, my attitude was horrid because I knew he was right and I didn't want to admit it.  It just hit me square in the forehead.  The Lord had that message just for me.  So, I am going to seek the Lord and hope my attitude changes on many things.  I have to learn many things.  I know I can be better, I just need His help.  I am ready for a new attitude and I am hopeful.

I am just anxious to get going.  :)

I sure hope you all had a great 2013 and I pray for blessings for a 2014.

Happy New Year!  Hope you all make it to midnight.  Heck, I hope I make it to midnight.  It's crazy how things have changed since Rett came along.  WHO KNEW!!!  :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas - a Christmas wreath

Due to my anxiousness, Rett and I have been busy the last couple days.  We have shopped 'til we dropped, semi-finished our tree, semi-cleaned the house, wrapped some presents, and made a Christmas wreath.

Nothing is really complete except the wreath but hopefully by this time next week (when Kraig's parents arrive) we will be complete with everything.  FINGERS CROSSED

But today I got my craft on.  I rarely craft, mainly because I don't feel confident in my skills.  And I am not creative.  Plain and simple.  But I have some friends who are and give me inspiration.  Here you can see my friend's Cindy gift box wreath.  She is super crafty and I love reading her blog.  Please check it out.  My friend Stacie makes cool wreaths a lot too.  She made a awesome pink frame and made it a wreath...I tried to find a picture of it and came up empty handed.  Take my word for it - so cute!

Well, here is my go at my Christmas box wreath...

First - I got the supplies...I just took a stroll around my kitchen and found boxes with things in it that could be placed in baggies :)

Then I got to work.  I did glue the lids together on the boxes just because it made it easier to wrap them once I got started.

During Rett's nap today, I wrapped the presents, placed them where I wanted them and hot glued them all down and to each otehr.  I felt there was still something missing so I got to thinking and conversing with a friend and we came up with the "g."  Well, this was tricky mainly because I was impatient and I couldn't find our box cutter.  So, I found a knife Kraig had in the junk drawer and cut the best I could and then shaped it up using scissors.  shhhh...don't tell my mom or Kraig - they are very adamant about me not using knives because of a recent cut to my finger....another story, another day.  :)  I don't suggest using the knife though at all but again, I was impatient.  :)

 Then - this smiling face woke up so we took a snack break.  Isn't he precious.  He had a busy morning with helping me trim the tree and making homemade apple butter.  When Kraig got home, he was super excited to show off all of the ornaments on the tree and look at the lights.

After I cut out the "g" - I went searching for my red paint.  And guess what - it was no where to be found so I just spray painted it black and strung a ribbon through it and called it a day.  I still feel as though the Christmas-y colors are missing but for my first try - I am pretty pleased.  Next year - I will have the red paint and possibly green!  Now, it sits happily on our front door waiting to greet our guests.  

Now, to find a tree skirt and topper before this weekend!  And monogram our stockings.  O and stocking holders for the fire place....still so many things to do but I at least have the tree mostly done and I have a wreath, and some presents are wrapped...have to stay positive, right?

Monday, December 9, 2013


Christmas is approaching.

I feel anxious and overwhelmed because I don't have all the "kid-friendly" things for Rett to experience.  I have been on a crazy hunt for all the fun things that I feel like we should do to celebrate Christmas.  Such as a Nativity scene, an advent calendar,  and we need stockings and just fun decorations.  I can't find any of the things I want.  I may be too picky though because I don't want some of the newer versions of things so I have been searching Ebay and thrift stores.  I told Kraig that we probably should have been collecting these fun and kid friendly things over the years and we have failed.  At least we have our tree up, right!  It doesn't have the ornaments on yet but we have lights!  We hope to finish that tonight...fingers crossed.

Rett is now 17 months.  Growing so fast.  We have been going to the doctor every month or month and a half since he turned 1.  So, update on that.  The doctors have been concerned because he hasn't been gaining weight like he should be.  Well, talk about nerves being shot.  I did do what the docs said about feeding up extra calories, we did milkshakes, and just feeding him all day long - I felt like anyways.  Some days, I felt like he was a bottomless pit.  He ate all day.  So, every time we would go get weighed and there was no change, I was very discouraged.  Then to hear that something could be wrong with him was even more discouraging.  However, if you have met Rett, within minutes you would realize he is very healthy, happy, and thriving.  He can say words, sign words, and express what he wants.  He doesn't stop moving.  So, to say the least, I was conflicted because he seemed to be doing so well but the doctors were still worried.  Needless to say, Kraig and I prayed and just waited it out.  Well, this past Friday we had to go back to the doc for a check up from his sinus infection and of course to check his weight.  Guess what!!!!  He gained a little over a pound.  That is the most he has gained since before he turned 1.  The Lord answers prayer.

We are getting ready for Kraig's parents to come visit for Christmas too!  We are so excited about them heading south.  It is going to be a special time this year.

Well, update for now is complete.  I hope to be making a wreath later tonight while watching the "Sing Off" and part 2 of "Bonnie and Clyde"  We shall see how that goes.