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Busy, busy, busy!!!

We have been crazy busy the past few weeks.  
Kraig went back to work.  We so miss him when he works.  Rett loves his daddy!  That's all he talks about during the day.  
We had a great doctor visit a couple weeks ago.  Rett grew an inch and a half.  Didn't gain any weight really but that's ok.  They weren't too concerned this time.  They gave us some things to work on for his next visit.  
He has made stride in his speech too.  I haven't been to worried about it but he has started to say "foo-ball,"  "ba-ball," and "jui" and "blue" for blueberries.  It's been so fun.  We are working on our ABCs and numbers now.  We got some fun games for Christmas so we work on the alphabet every few days.  Just taking it a day at a time.
We had a youth weekend a couple weeks ago.  It was super fast and super good.  The kids worked hard and played even harder.  They are so fun and I look forward to many more great trips.
Kraig and I went…