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We have colds!

Well, I was so hoping to make it through this holiday season without so much as a sniffle.

We aren't so lucky.

The weather went from warm to cold in 2.9 seconds and I was sick.

Then, I got better and now Rett is sick.  And Rett isn't getting better.  We are supposed to leave to go to PA on Thursday...let's all lay hands on him and pray this cold away!

We have the vaporizer going non-stop, we have done the Vicks on the feet, we suction boogers continually and keep fluids down.  We gave him a nice hot bath last night and have found a nice homeopathic medicine at Earthfare and it's working just not as fast as I want.  He slept really well last night but today he's been miserable.

But through all of this, he has found his hands and is very interested in them.  It is so funny to watch him look at them and make sure they are doing what he wants.

Well, time to go do some more snuggling and praying this cold away!

If you think about us, pray for the little guy.  He's …

it's time to regroup

On the 6th Day of Mary Kay, my true love gave to me...

time to slow down....

Today, I sit holding my 5 month old baby boy (for the last 2 hours) while he naps.  And guess what...I would not want it any other way.  We have run errands this morning, dropped off Mary Kay products and I guess I wore the little guy out because once we got home, he ate and fell right to sleep before I could (or really wanted) move him.

So, today...let's just slow down, enjoy the holiday season and regroup on the past 5 days of deals.

On the first day of Mary Kay ~ all proceeds went to help our youth get to the Move Conference.

On the second day of Mary Kay ~ 2 free facials

On the third day of Mary Kay ~ Book a party for January, get a free mascara

On the fourth day of Mary Kay ~ Gift Cards on sale

On the fifth day of Mary Kay ~ 20% off of Satin Hands set

So, on this sixth day of Mary Kay ~ I'm taking a some time to snuggle my little guy and re-list all of these great deals!

Take advantage of one …

4th Day

On the 4th Day of Mary Kay, my true love gave to me....


$175 FOR $125
$125 FOR $100
$100 FOR $75
$75 FOR $50

Get your loved one a gift certificate for her stocking this holiday season!

Today's the day!

On the 3rd Day of Mary Kay, my true love gave to me....
If you book a party with me for January, you will get a free mascara!!
I need to fill up my calendar so let's get some facials in, ladies!!
I'm also booking one-on-one facials from here until the 15th.
Let me know what you can do...
email ~
Facebook me....
text/call me ~ 423.290.1475
Let's get a new look for the New Year!!