Thursday, November 27, 2014

Youthsgiving and thankfulness

 We had a blast yesterday with our first annual Youthsgiving.  We took all the kids to Superfly out by the mall.  Its a new jump park in the area and it was SUPER fun!

Then, we came back to our house for our feast!  I made a turkey and by "I," I mean, Kraig because I couldn't bring myself to touch the bird!  So, Kraig did a great job!!!  It was super tasty.  We made other wonderful treats!  It was such a fun time to just hang out with the kids and relax!  

We had so much fun and are so thankful for these kids.  We always question (really more me than Kraig) if we are doing what we should be doing and after was once again confirmed we are right where the Lord wants us.  We love seeing these kids grow in Christ and in times like yesterday...we love seeing them relax and have fun.  We look forward to the tradition every year and can't wait to make more fun times with these kids.

Now, time for the day to commence and 2 more Thanksgiving meals to go!  Wahoo!!!

One last thing...I am so thankful for my salvation and what Jesus means to me.  I love the life that He has blessed me with.  Being surrounded by the people we love is the best!!!  We are so thankful for each other!

I am beyond thankful for these two guys!  I can't imagine life without them and I am so glad the Lord has given them to me.  :)

Hope you all have a great day and have time to reflect on what you are most thankful for. I would love to hear some of those things!  Comment back and let me know!!  :)  Eat a lot of turkey!  Gobble Gobble!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

before and in between

For the past year, I have struggled horribly with fatigue, bad self esteem, weight gain and some days just not wanting to get out of bed.

I think I attributed the bulk of that to having a toddler and not being able to lose the "baby bump."

So, I would work out, try to eat better, try to take naps and I was still so exhausted.  I just couldn't catch up.  I would pretty much run an IV of Dr. Pepper through my body most days and still couldn't make it through the day.  I just struggled.

I finally said "I AM SICK OF NO ENERGY, FATIGUE, and THE EXTRA WEIGHT!!!" and so  I started a boot camp.  Well, that worked great as far as the extra energy and gaining muscle and I could tell a difference in my sleep and just my attitude seemed to be better but I still couldn't cut the weight.  I had a friend in my college days that worked at a summer camp with me and I kept seeing her wonderful posts of her post baby health and how great she was feeling and how she was dropping the baby weight.  I was so jealous.

I wanted to feel better.  I wanted to enjoy my 2 year old and not be so groggy.  So, I messaged her.

I am now half way through my nutritional pack and let me tell you, I have never felt better.  I have so much farther to go but I look forward to my workouts, I no longer have to have a nap or a Dr. Pepper fact, I have cut out Dr. Peppers and cokes altogether.  For anyone who knows me...knows this is huge!

I have lost right at 8 pounds and many inches!!  I feel good about myself and look forward to the future.  I have more weight to drop to hit my goal but I am so excited about doing it the healthy way with eating right and working out hard!

This is a before pic which was a few months ago.  It still looks like I am 6 months pregnant.  The pic on the right is from today and it only looks like I'm 4 months pregnant.  HA But I am toned up and few pounds down, tons more energy and ready to conquer the rest of the weight loss journey.

I know they aren't great photos mainly because of the phone quality... and I just hate taking selfies.... But there is progress and I am so excited about that!!!  It's been so long since I have seen the scale drop or energy level high so it is something to be celebrated and shared with others!

Let me help you get started!!!  I can tell you all about what is helping my process!!!

Thanks Charley for all your help and getting me started!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

boot camp healthy living, and discipline

Let's get real for a minute.  I have put on some weight.

Kraig told me once that he read an article in some sports magazine (I think, I'm not real sure)  that people who play one sport growing up are more likely to gain more weight and keep it on when they get older.  I was always a pretty active kid, however I only played one sport.  I don't know how true that article or information he read really is but it is true for me and it has stuck with me.  

After having Rett, I would read blogs, magazines and books that would tell me that the weight would just fall off after giving birth especially if you nurse.  Well, I nursed and the weight never JUST FELL OFF.  In fact, it stayed.  and STAYED even a little bit more.  So, although I don't think I am overweight, I am the most unhealthy I have ever been in my life.  And being so unhealthy plays with my psyche.  Which has played a role in other aspects in my life.  

SO....after months of trying to eat better, work out with Kraig and trying to "be a runner"....I was fed up with nothing working.  The weight didn't budge.  And I just felt more discouraged and more defeated.  I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the weight off.  

I may step on some toes here but it has messed so much with my mind.  I think as women - when we don't feel good about ourselves - it affects everything else.  I never realized how sad, even depressed some days because I didn't want to go out because I just didn't feel good in my clothes or confident enough to "face the day."  I just didn't want too.  

This summer...well more like end of August...I was done.  I decided I was done living this way.  I needed extra help.  I couldn't do it the way I was doing it.  It wasn't working.  SO....

I joined a training boot camp.  It has been one of the hardest things I have done since giving birth, I am pretty sure.  ha The first day - I got so sick I pretty much just sat with my head over the fan and prayed I wouldn't throw up.  I didn't but I sure wished I hadn't already paid for the next 10 weeks.  I mean, who gets up at 4:45 am to go work out to the point of almost throwing up.  Well, I did and I stuck with it.  I couldn't do many of the exercises to the full capacity and had to take many breaks and was super tired but I stuck with it.  Now, 9 weeks in....I did my first real pull up last week, I can do burpees, I can do things I never thought I could.  And although I haven't really lost weight, I have gotten a lot stronger and I feel better.  I finally felt good about myself.  That is huge.

Well, I was still bummed I wasn't losing weight.  I was losing some inches and I couldn't tell a difference in some of my clothes which was great but not big weight lose.  So...I started to figure out what I could try along with the training camp.  My friend told me about Isagenix.  If you know nothing about this nutritional program....CHECK IT OUT..... HERE

I started this program November 1st.  I started with 2 shakes a day and a low cal dinner....the first week in, I lost 5lbs and a couple more inches.  So, I was hooked.  I struggled with some headaches and weakness during that first week.  I started to feel skeptical and thought it wasn't working but I learned that what was happening was that toxins were getting out of my body and that was just my body's way of reacting to the nutrients coming in and the toxins getting out.  I am now in my 3rd week.  I feel so much better.  I have so much more energy.  I have had a couple rough days with some bad meals....I FELT HORRIBLE AFTER!  I can tell how bad pizza and mexican food messes with my stomach.  I should not have had that.  So, my goal for this week is to do better with clean eating and no fried foods.  I look forward to seeing great results.  I have built muscles and now I am losing weight because of the good things I am putting in my body...but more importantly I am learning so much more...

I have learned that I struggle with consistency and discipline.  I hate to wake up.  I am not a morning person.  I don't feel like 5 am is a good time to do anything productive.  However, I signed up for boot camp and stuck with it.  I now, can't imagine not waking up and going.  It's not easy by any means...especially now that the weather is colder but it's worth it.  But I am seeing how important it is to be consistent in this weight loss journey.  I know I will have rough days but I will continue and wake up the next day and go to boot camp and take each meal at a time.  I choose to put good things in my body.  And because I decided to loose weight....I have committed myself to do this.  

I don't know that I will ever post my before and after pictures...maybe when I hit my goal weight but know....this is working!  I have found the mixture of exercise and good nutrition that is working for me!  And I am feeling so much better for it.  I am not as sluggish because of the bad foods...I have more energy.  I just feel better.  That's all I can say, I cant stress it enough.  

So, come join me at boot camp (Matt Eubanks-training camp) and get on this Isagenix plan!  It works!!!