Saturday, February 25, 2012


This week has been pretty uneventful. I think I like it like that. :) We had Monday off to celebrate our Presidents. It was a great day. Kraig and I cleaned the house really well and just marked stuff off of my "to-do" list. It was nice to feel accomplished. We still have a lot left but it was nice to say that we did some things and not let the day get away from us.

We had Bible Study Tuesday with a great group of friends. We have started a new book called The Life of God in the Soul of Man by Henry Scougal. He's an old dead guy so it should be good and hard to understand. We will see how this goes.

Then it was smooth sailing through the rest of the week. We filed our taxes and this is the first year that we will be getting MONEY back! Praise the Lord ~ we so badly want to pay off the truck so now we are just a little bit closer to that goal. :)

Today, we had to chance to go visit some dear friends. We decided to meet half way which landed us in Scottsboro, AL. Now, if you have never been there, there is nothing there. You might even miss it if you don't know what to look for. Well, we dined at the good ol' Ruby Tuesday's and then I remembered there is something of worth in Scottsboro, AL! The Unclaimed Baggage! I think it's the biggest or's famous. So, we moseyed on over to downtown Scottsboro and found our way through this big store. It was great. :) I was in heaven. Kraig and I have rarely shopped for ourselves in the last year just because it wasn't in the budget, we ended up with 10 shirts between the 2 of us, I got a dress also all for $100. Some of the button up's Kraig picked out were brand new also. One was a Calvin Klein and we got it for $10. So, it was worth it to us to get some "new to us" clothes that we didn't have to break the bank for. I also have been searching for all of the Harry Potter books to start my collection...I found the 2nd one for $1.00 :) I was one happy gal just for that purchase alone. So, all in all...we had a great time with friends and their precious baby girl and shopped til we dropped at the Unclaimed Baggage.

This week might be more eventful - we have a baby appointment! I am pretty excited about hearing the heartbeat. :)

Hope you all have had a great week.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last year we got a dog...this year, baby stuff...

Last year for Valentine's we got a dog...

Kraig loves dogs. He loves for them to play with and love on him. Lick him and just be "man's best friend." Well, I'm allergic. And I fought this for a long time. Mainly because they are a lot of work and we are rarely home to take care of a dog. Well, last year for Valentine's, I caved in. I told Kraig the only way we could get one is if it is hypoallergenic. And I also wanted to rescue one and when I was looking I soon realized they are hard to come by so I thought we would never find one, which was ok by me. :) So, last year we went looking at all the shelters and they had none. We
heard about 2 ladies who rescue Malti-poos and thought we would go give it a shot.

When we got to the place, I liked none of them. :( We saw a poodle mix and Kraig loved him but he was already adopted. We got to talking to the lady and we told her what we needed and she said she had a schnazuer. She started to explain him to us. He was recently rescued from a puppy mill, not yet a year old, never gone outside and rarely out of his crate...we fell in love. Rather, Kraig fell in love. And I felt sorry for him. But she didn't have him there with her so we had to come back the next day. I was not a fan, again...I was ready to give up...I didn't want a dog anyways..

But this was Kraig's V-day gift so we had to go back. After church, we trekked back up to the mall and we were looking around at dog food, toys and everything we would need for the new little one. We waited and waited and waited...she was late and I was getting frustrated. I was ready to go, when she pulled up, Kraig was the first one out the door, he was determined not to let anyone else see this new pup before him because if he wanted him then he was going to get him and no one else was going to take the pup from him. Well, as you can guess it was love at first sight. And the rest is history. We brought Hank home that day...bathed him, let him sniff out the house and let him be terrified of everything. This went on for about 3 to 4 months.

THEN...We found Cash on the street and Hank transformed into a puppy. I can't imagine out house without our two 4-legged kids. They are the best of friends and are sad when they aren't together. They love me too so that is a plus :) And they love Kraig even more. They lick him, are excited when he gets home, snuggles with him, listens to him, goes on runs with him...He is a happy camper. And so are our rescued pups.

Here's sleepy Cash. Here's happy Hank. Happy V-day Kraig.

This year, we are registering for baby stuff for Valentine's!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well - in DUE time all news will come out

I don't even know where to begin...

I guess the most recent news would be that we are going to have a surprise visit from the stork in June and it's a BOY!

I am sure I will update more later because it being a surprise has come many other surprises that we have had to work through so that is all DUE time. :)

Also, I think last I wrote, my dad was being shipped off to Kuwait. Well, he's back and working in Nashville as the Senior Enlisted Leader for the state of Tennessee. He's pretty important. We are so very proud of him. He does his job well.

We are trying to buy a house. That's another big thing going on in our lives. Mainly because we have a new addition and we need to be more stablized. Maybe so, maybe not...but we feel like this is the next move that we should make. Now, if only we could find a house :) In DUE time again, I'm sure the Lord will place the perfect house in front of us. So, PLEASE, PLEASE pray we can find something suitable for us.

Also, in OLD news, we have gained two very adorable 4 - legged kids. For the longest time, I fought Kraig saying we did not need dogs, I don't like them, I'm allergic...anything and everything...I tried and then within 3 months, we had two. I will share in DUE time also, probably how we acquired both of them and how much fun they are...and how they have helped us see that being parents to a real kid will be a LOT HARDER!! But here we gooooo....

With all of these upcoming changes, I should be able to post more frequently because I will have more time. But here's the start of something new...or a lot of something news.

We covet prayers especially right now because we have no idea what is happening or how to handle the curve balls the Lord has given us...Thanks for being with us on this journey.