Monday, February 11, 2013

Words of Barney Stinson...Challenge accepted

With our youth group we have started doing small groups on Sunday nights.  I meet with the girls and Kraig with the guys and we have really been blessed by these small times with our new kids.  We have gotten to know them so much more and really be able to pour our hearts into the kids.  We have been able to hear their hearts and learn how we can better serve them.  It has been such special times.

With my girls, we are doing a little book that I have done multiple times in the past with other groups.  It's called, "My Heart, Christ's Home."  It's a small, short little book.  Basically, it's allowing the Lord to come into our hearts and transform each of the "rooms" of our heart.  Like the Library - our control room of our heart - which is everything that comes into our minds by what we see and do and so forth.  As the book continues, it goes through each of the "rooms" and asking the Lord to show us what needs to be changed if anything.

This week, we did the Library.  The girls opened up a lot more than normal so I took this time as a "challenge" experience.  They understood the basic concept and came up with personal things that may come between their relationship with the Lord.  I had them write it down and then come up with a solution for the next two weeks to make a change.  So, we all did it.  For me personally, I spend too much time on the computer - Facebook, Twitter, or whatever....I don't know why...I think I just use it as a past time.  Which that's fine but I have a kid and he needs my attention, Kraig needs my attention, my house needs my attention and so does my relationship with Christ.

Our pastor is going through John and all the "I am" statements in the book.  So, I decided to continue forth and read on this morning.  In John 12, we see Jesus is visiting with Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  We see that Mary takes a very expensive perfume and washes His feet.  I felt like this just solidified what I am challenging the girls with.  We should give Jesus our best.  Mary couldn't afford to use that perfume to wash His feet but she knew that Jesus deserved the best so that is what she did.  I was encouraged by that and will do my best for at least the next 2 weeks to give Jesus that best of my time by doing what He has challenged me to do.  Hopefully, I can make this a habit and limit my time with the computer and other things that distract me from spending time with my family or on my house.

I challenge you all this week to see how you can strengthen your walk with the Lord and be aware of ways in your personal life that may hinder your relationship with Him.

Praying the Lord shows your new things everyday.

Challenge accepted...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What a week!

Rett had some big milestone this week.

I started my 10 Days of Real Food Challenge.

Kraig almost won his basketball game.

Hopefully, my pictures will be done uploading so I can photo bomb this post too :)   Because let's face it,  Rett is cute.

As most of you know, we are really working trying to get Rett to sleep in his crib and sleep longer than 3 or 4 hours a stretch.  Well, we have yet to move him to the crib but for naps he is sleeping in his crib or Pac-N-Play so that's a start and last night, Rett slept for 7 hours!!  Let's talk about a rested and happy momma!!!  :)  Although, I rolled over to make sure he was breathing this morning, once I realized he was ok, I went right on back to sleep.  WaHOO!!!  He is all over the place.  He can scoot backwards, roll and he is getting up on all fours and rocking - so ready to crawl.  He also pulled himself up twice this week.  He can walk in his walker and very determined to go everywhere.  He is all over the place.  NEVER STOPS MOVING.  It's crazy.  He also has 4 teeth.  2 teeth on bottom and his 2 eye teeth on top.  I think he's working on another one.  I think the teeth are constant.  Not fun either.  But his little smile is precious with the teeth.  Let's see what else...he's such a happy baby.

 Drinking his apple juice like a big boy ~ he doesn't really like it but we try to drink some everyday.

 He sits up so well now all by himself.  He would rather sit up than anything else.  He's such a curious little guy and can't stand to miss anything.

He stood up twice this week.  Both times he was in the hamper but he still pulled himself up so well.

We went to Target this week, he got sit in the front part.  He absolutely thought this was the best thing ever.  He thought he was driving.  He loved seeing everything and looking around and flirting with the other ladies.  

Since January 1st, we have cut out cokes and most caffeinated beverages.  We still do coffee and sweet tea but if I can help it, it's decaf.  And we have cut out the white sugars.  I am getting too far ahead ~ Let's go back a little bit.  Before Christmas, I was getting so discouraged that I couldn't lose the last few pounds of baby weight but I knew that I couldn't diet.  I hate to diet and I suck at it.  Let's be real - if they tell me I can't have something - I want it even more.  So, to tell me I can't have chocolate, well, that's just plain torture.  So, I started watching all these "organic" documentaries on Netflix and found how much processed foods are harmful to us.  So, Kraig and I talked long and hard and decided we were going to try to cut out processed foods.  We knew it wouldn't be easy and I would probably struggle more than him but come January 1st, we took out cokes, I started buying more fruits and veggies.  It started out small, but we didn't eat out (I COOKED)  In a little over a month, I lost the last few pounds and still going strong.  Both Kraig and I just feel better.  We notice a difference in our energy levels, we can focus better and we are sleeping better (Kraig is, I still wake up with Rett)  But all in all, we were doing really well.  So, then I decided to step it up a notch and go completely off of processed foods.  I researched and found the 100 Days of Real Food blog and she had a 10 day challenge so I thought, "hey, why not?"  We are 6 days in and up until yesterday, I hadn't cheated (knowingly) at all.  Yesterday, my sister made a gluten free cake and I had some.  It was so yummy.  But I felt like in moderation, it was fine.  I ate 2 slices.  Don't judge.  Today, I am back at healthy stuff. But that's what I have learned from all of's not easy. But we will continue to take things out of our unhealthy diet and put in better foods.  Because really, I want to teach Rett to eat better than us and hopefully by the time he gets old enough to chose his foods - he will choose an apple over a candy bar.

Basketball is coming to an end and next comes baseball.  But first, Kraig's elementary girls almost won their first game yesterday.  They have improved so much this season.  They lost by 2 in overtime yesterday.  I felt like that was so huge and such an encouragement to them.  Now, they know that hard work pays off and hopefully they will beat them the next time they play them.  At the end of the month, baseball starts - ugh, the season of long days....

I'm excited about the next few months, hopefully I will lose more weight and get back to my goal weight, we will plan Rett's first birthday, spring is on the way, and baseball is starting.  We will celebrate our 4 year anniversary, we have some trips in the works and I am just excited.

Next time, I report back I hope to share Rett's video of him walking!  I don't think we are far from it.

Hope you all have a great Valentine's week.  It's hard to believe 4 years ago, Kraig was preparing to propose to me this week.  :)  What a special time in our lives.  Maybe I'll have a reminiscent post this week about our special Valentine's date 4 years ago...

Until next time...
go enjoy this beautiful weather - I know we will...

~Givens' clan