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Words of Barney Stinson...Challenge accepted

With our youth group we have started doing small groups on Sunday nights.  I meet with the girls and Kraig with the guys and we have really been blessed by these small times with our new kids.  We have gotten to know them so much more and really be able to pour our hearts into the kids.  We have been able to hear their hearts and learn how we can better serve them.  It has been such special times.

With my girls, we are doing a little book that I have done multiple times in the past with other groups.  It's called, "My Heart, Christ's Home."  It's a small, short little book.  Basically, it's allowing the Lord to come into our hearts and transform each of the "rooms" of our heart.  Like the Library - our control room of our heart - which is everything that comes into our minds by what we see and do and so forth.  As the book continues, it goes through each of the "rooms" and asking the Lord to show us what needs to be changed if anything.

What a week!

Rett had some big milestone this week.

I started my 10 Days of Real Food Challenge.

Kraig almost won his basketball game.

Hopefully, my pictures will be done uploading so I can photo bomb this post too :)   Because let's face it,  Rett is cute.

As most of you know, we are really working trying to get Rett to sleep in his crib and sleep longer than 3 or 4 hours a stretch.  Well, we have yet to move him to the crib but for naps he is sleeping in his crib or Pac-N-Play so that's a start and last night, Rett slept for 7 hours!!  Let's talk about a rested and happy momma!!!  :)  Although, I rolled over to make sure he was breathing this morning, once I realized he was ok, I went right on back to sleep.  WaHOO!!!  He is all over the place.  He can scoot backwards, roll and he is getting up on all fours and rocking - so ready to crawl.  He also pulled himself up twice this week.  He can walk in his walker and very determined to go everywhere.  He is all over the place.  NEVER ST…