Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just some encouragement....YOU ARE AWESOME

Last night, I got the opportunity to talk to our youth.  Usually, I just get the girls and sometimes put my little tidbits in every so often but Kraig has been super overwhelmed this week plus he is preparing for his sermon for Sunday....HE'S PREACHING!!!  So, he asked if I could handle the youth service.  I apprehensively said, "Sure...."  Whatever I can do to help....RIGHT!?!?!

I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to talk about, it was just putting it together...

I started with a video from the Skit Guys.  If you hadn't seen them, they are generally a funny duo that go around and tour with conferences and stuff like that.  This one is pretty serious.  I like how it shows that we are a work in progress and that God loves me enough to not leave me like I am.  I think the kids got the message.

From there I talked about Job.  If you know anything about Job....HE HAD A ROUGH LIFE.  He had many trials and tough times but he never "cursed God and died."  He continued to praise Him and had faith in God.  I shared with the kids about Job's friends that were not encouraging to him at all and just wanted him to blame God, yell at Him, and just give up.  But Job never did.  I also expressed that although Job had a rough life, he was still in good spirits.  Have you ever known someone that even though they are going through a tough time, they are still joyful?  They don't complain...they encourage others?  Now, Job did question God and ask Him "Why?"  But he was never disrespectful and remained faithful to God.  I think Job was the real deal.  

Then, I went to 1 Peter 1:6-7.  The main part of this was the first part of verse 6....

6 "So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though it is necessary for you to endure many trials for a while. 7 These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold -- and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world."

God tells us to 'be truly glad!'  and continues to explain we will go through tough times and trials but we have to be glad.  So, not only do we have to be glad but I think that also includes how our attitude should remain joyful, not angry and encouraging.

Life is hard.  Bad things happen.  But we have Christ, so we are not in it alone and He commands us to be glad.  So, I encouraged the kids, Kraig, and me to be encouragers instead of complainers.  I showed this video of Kid President and hopefully, we can be nice to others instead of degrade them, I feel as though that is the trend in our youth today....

Just watch the first 2 minutes or so...then he just talks about a promotion he's doing for the kids.

Anyways...I found this a cute way to be an encourager and "awesome this year"  We need to be more positive even in our hard times.  Stop playing the victim.  And go on.  God is with us and He will help us through whatever.  I hope I can remember some of these things to do throughout my days.  I want to be glad everyday and make everyday count.

Hope you can too.  Hope you know God loves you and wants you to be the perfect masterpiece He created you to be.

love you guys.  thanks for reading my soap box today :)

stay tuned....Rett had his first REAL haircut yesterday!  Pictures to be posted soon!

Friday, February 14, 2014

snow day, photo bomb

  Photo bomb!  Sorry for the way this looks, I'm not patient enough to figure out how the pictures should be placed.  :(  And sorry so long but we have some great pics of the last few weeks of our snow days!!!!  Hope you all enjoyed your snow/time off/rest was a great time for us!  

These are from our snow a couple weeks ago.  He didn't like it.  However, we think due to a tooth breaking through, him just waking up from a nap and the lack of gloves, he just wasn't feeling it.  So, we didn't last long.  But it was a great few days with Kraig off work to be able to spend some extra time with us and a time for rest.

While he was teething, he insisted on being naked.  He tried to go around without a diaper too, but I wasn't going for that one.  I love this picture of him.  


Lance, Kraig and Rett built a snowman!  This time, we were prepared with gloves and more sleep.  HE LOVED THE SNOW!  Our dogs loved the snow too but they loved relaxing even more.  Then, JoJo (my sister's dog) came over and Rett and her had to watch the snow fall.  He loves JoJo.  He says, "JOJO!!!"  Then, he calls our dogs, "dog" hahahaha I guess we need to work on the names of our dogs.  :)

This is one of my favorites from these past few snow days.  If you could zoom into Rett's face.  It is pure joy.  I love him.  :)

My dad threw snow at him.  He thought it was hilarious.
He loved the snow so much better this time.  When he would walk he would just fall into it because it was so deep.  He loved to make "balls" (snowballs).  He would take a bite out of the ball and then throw it.  Then, when he got hit or hit someone else with his ball, he would just giggle.  He was so much fun to watch this time.  

 Mom took most of these pictures.  This one is great of him throwing a ball!!!!




I think another favorite was to roll in the snow.

OR SIT........



 Getting a taste before he throws it.....

For Valentine's, the Incline was giving free rides up the mountain and since Kraig was going to have a 1/2 day, we were going to have a fun, family day.  Well, the WONDERFUL snow messed that up.  Although we had a blast the last few days, we had to let Kraig go back to work today so Rett and I went to the Incline.  Well, I don't do heights well so I was a bit nervous.  I called my parents.  My mom didn't have to go back to school today so they were so gracious to help me with Rett in case I got too nervous going up the mountain.  Well, Rett did great, I did ok and we made it up the mountain and back down and had a great lunch with my parents.  All in all, a great Valentine's with my little Valentine (and parents) We just missed Kraig.  
Hope you all have had a great few snow days and a wonderful Valentine's with your honey!  Love you all and am so thankful for you all!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

O....PS.....if you are needing some gift ideas visit my friend's blog here  She has great ideas for this love day.  She has posted a blog for girls, guys and for both!  And most importantly about the greatest love of all.  It is just great!  Check her out.  :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Growing up....

Yesterday, I got to go to the Chapel service at Kraig's school.

It was a treat.

A student that I have had the privilege knowing since she was in 6th grade (now a Senior) spoke.  I have been her small group leader for 5 years and have seen her transform into a wonderful and beautiful young lady.

She is going places.  She is a talented athlete and great friend.  Loves Jesus and a new found desire to serve Him in all things.  She's not a speaker and will tell you that.  She's a bit shy but will be so loyal once you have the friendship with her.  But yesterday, even being as scared as she was to speak, the Lord was so gracious and gave her the exact words He wanted her to say.

I couldn't help but be proud.  I know I didn't have a huge roll in her life but just being able to be a part of her life for the past 6-7 years and to see her faith and love for God grow is just....amazing.  As I listened, I couldn't help but be teary-eyed because of her bright future ahead.  I'm just so excited for her and what the Lord will continue to do through her.  I hope she will continue to keep me in the loop of her life.  She is going off to college in the fall to King College to play volleyball, although I'm sure she's nervous...her parents have done a wonderful job of preparing her to go.  And I just couldn't be more excited.

As I was sitting there listening to her and as the day progressed, I went to get Rett and spent the day with him doing tedious tasks around the house.  Playing, picking up, and making just kind of hit me that Rett will be a Senior one day.  ha - talk about skipping lots of steps.  So, then I went back and thought, well....first we got to make it through Kindergarten.  It started to get overwhelming because I was then presented with the fact that we have to prepare him for his future.  I want him to be able to go off to school, go experience the world.  I want to be ok with that.  I'm sure it won't be easy but I have to remind myself that he is the Lord's and the Lord has big plans for Rett.  And I so want to watch God work and I so want to be apart of that journey.  I don't want to hinder Rett from doing what God's plan is for his life.

My prayer for my friend is that she will keep the Lord first, continue to seek Him in all things and just keep going.  Not giving up.  My prayer is the same for Rett.  I look forward to the time when he asks the Lord into his heart.  I look forward to conversations about friends, girls and futures....

Then as we were struggling last night waiting for Daddy (Kraig) to get home, I realized he's going to grow up for sure.  ha  I realized though that I needed to enjoy this time more than ever.  And today since he's sick, I need to get all the extra cuddles in that I can.  That's what I'm going to do.  So, enjoy your day, I'm going to play and cuddle with Rett and pray he feels better.

Monday, February 3, 2014

lessons learned from Moses....

We are going through the Old Testament with our youth in Sunday School.

The Old Testament never gets old to me.  No matter how many times I read or hear different stories, I learn something new every time.  Or something new stands out to me.  It just never gets OLD.  I don't know why.  It's amazing to me how their faith blossomed, how they experienced God and how even through all the trials and hard times, they still BELIEVED God.  It blows my mind every time.

So, let's get to Moses.  In Exodus 1 and 2, Moses was born, "adopted" by the Pharaoh, saw a fight and murdered an Egyptian, fled from Egypt, and then met/married his wife. Now, Moses knew about God and that He had made a covenant with His people (that He would take them to the Promised Land) but Moses had never heard from God until this point.  The Burning Bush.  God talked to Moses through a Burning Bush.  REALLY!  A BURNING BUSH!!!  HA!  THINK ABOUT THAT!, God tells Moses to go back to Egypt and free his people from the Pharaoh.  This was a tad harder than it sounds.  Moses knew it wouldn't happen right away but after one conversation with God, HE GOES.  He goes and he goes again, and again and again....10 times.  The Pharaoh's heart was finally softened and he lefts the people go AFTER TEN TIMES!!!  I don't know about you but after one time, I would have probably given up.  I am ashamed of how weak my faith really is when I was putting it into perspective.  But Moses doesn't give up.

Let's look at the big picture.  God knew how long it would take.  God knew that Moses would face opposition.  God knew that Moses had to do this though.  I am just fascinated by Moses' faith.

I guess as we went through this yesterday with our kids, I saw how meek my faith was.  How I don't know the big picture.  I don't know why we are at our church most of the time, (now, we can't imagine being anywhere else) or why God has chosen to give us Rett when we (I) felt so ill-prepared, (we love him more than anything) or why all of sudden Kraig feels comfortable about preaching. (what's that about).....and many other things that are little but when put in will lead to a bigger picture of what God is preparing us for.  I do know that because of all of these things, we are supposed to have faith that God will take care of us and that even when we have no idea what we are doing, GOD DOES!  All we have to do is do what He says.  I know and was reminded yesterday that it's not always easy but it's ok.  It's ok because God loves us and will provide everything we need to make it through to our "BIG PICTURE," whatever that may be.  I have also learned recently and again through Moses that it takes time.  Moses didn't free his people until he was in his 60s.  Many people in the Bible and even people in our lives didn't just come out of the womb and all of sudden was able to do what the Lord commanded.  IT TAKES TIME.  We go through seasons in life of growing, we have trials and good times.

Now, I'm rambling I feel like.  But just remember God knows the big picture when we can't see past our own wants and desires....He is preparing us for that big picture.  Just have faith that He will take care of us and enjoy the ride.