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Welcome, 2014....

2013 has come and about to go....

2013 has been a year full of blessings.  Today, I guess in leu of 2014 approaching I have been super reflective.  And as trying as 2013 may have been, it has been packed full of surprise blessings.

Let's recap.

Here are some photos from the year.  Rett turned 1.  He traveled to New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida this year.  He was last year's New Year baby.  He learned so many things.  He learned to walk, sleep through the night, talk and make fish faces.  He was Batman for Halloween.  He went swimming this summer.  He loved the sand.  Rett had a good year.

My dad retired this year.  It has been 3 years since he has lived at home here in GA.  It will be exciting to get to see him more and be able to share more memories with him with Rett.

We got to visit with much of our family this year too.  We got to see our PA family many times throughout this year and have so enjoyed that.  We always love to go north and always welcome visits to GA!


Getting ready for Christmas - a Christmas wreath

Due to my anxiousness, Rett and I have been busy the last couple days.  We have shopped 'til we dropped, semi-finished our tree, semi-cleaned the house, wrapped some presents, and made a Christmas wreath.

Nothing is really complete except the wreath but hopefully by this time next week (when Kraig's parents arrive) we will be complete with everything.  FINGERS CROSSED

But today I got my craft on.  I rarely craft, mainly because I don't feel confident in my skills.  And I am not creative.  Plain and simple.  But I have some friends who are and give me inspiration.  Here you can see my friend's Cindy gift box wreath.  She is super crafty and I love reading her blog.  Please check it out.  My friend Stacie makes cool wreaths a lot too.  She made a awesome pink frame and made it a wreath...I tried to find a picture of it and came up empty handed.  Take my word for it - so cute!

Well, here is my go at my Christmas box wreath...

First - I got the supplies...I just took a st…


Christmas is approaching.

I feel anxious and overwhelmed because I don't have all the "kid-friendly" things for Rett to experience.  I have been on a crazy hunt for all the fun things that I feel like we should do to celebrate Christmas.  Such as a Nativity scene, an advent calendar,  and we need stockings and just fun decorations.  I can't find any of the things I want.  I may be too picky though because I don't want some of the newer versions of things so I have been searching Ebay and thrift stores.  I told Kraig that we probably should have been collecting these fun and kid friendly things over the years and we have failed.  At least we have our tree up, right!  It doesn't have the ornaments on yet but we have lights!  We hope to finish that tonight...fingers crossed.

Rett is now 17 months.  Growing so fast.  We have been going to the doctor every month or month and a half since he turned 1.  So, update on that.  The doctors have been concerned because he…

Rett is growing...

It's been a while.

Sorry for my absence.  NO excuses.

Here are a few pics...from the past few weeks....

We had some fun with shaving cream.
Loved the wood chips at the park
First football game of the season...cheering on Evan!!!
I think he is precious....
Fun day at the park
My little south far anyways...
He loves riding on Daddy's shoulders
That face....
Fun day hiking at Cloudland Canyon
He has to move the seats at the volleyball games.  He's so strong.  
Silly boy!  Love that curly hair.  I never want to cut it.
He's teething.  His molars have come in and he's moving onto the set of teeth.  He had his well check up a few days ago.  He's a little over 20 pounds and 31 inches tall.  He's happy and healthy and loads of fun.  He loves to go on walks and be outside.  He loves dogs and animals....and loves to be around people.  He loves to play.  He can sign "please" and "more"  We are working on "thank you"  He can say &…


Well, it's been a busy few months.

We went to New York with Kraig's family.

I started working my summer job.

Rett turned one, started walking and became a little toddler all in one week it seems like.

We went to Florida.

My parents sold their house in a day, moved to an apartment and have yet to find a place to plant their roots.

We saw some very dear friends off to China.  We got to visit with some more dear friends from Alabama.

It has just been one thing after another.  And I feel like I don't have a thing to show for it except a messy house and a walking baby boy.

And I'm pretty positive I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am very sad our summer camp is coming to a close... BUT I am so excited about the new school year and being home with my now 1 year old.  It's crazy how a kid will change things and perspectives.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about lists and we suggested we make a "blog bucket list."  We wanted to make our list, do it…

Rett is the limb I never knew I had

When Kraig gets home in the evening, sometimes I go out and run errands or take care of some stuff that didn't get done during the day.  
Sometimes, we all go out together and that's a big help...Kraig is a wonderful help.  But sometimes, when I go, I don't take Rett with me or Kraig.  They get to stay home and spend some time together. I'm so thankful that Kraig loves to hang out with him and be a positive example to him.
But I have noticed, especially that last few times that I went out...I miss Rett.  I miss lugging the diaper bag and the stroller and everything else that comes with us when Rett goes out.  It has really been frustrating me because sometimes I just need a minute to refresh myself and have time to recoup from the day.  So, why am I missing him?
I am a minimalist...I like to think that anyway.  I like things to be made as easy as possible.  I like to carry as little as possible.  So, to miss all of that stuff was real aggravating.  
Then, I got to thin…


Who needs some Mary Kay!?!?

In lieu of Mother's Day coming up, I am getting rid of some of my stock!  I don't have much so this is how this will work...

If you want something that I have, it will be 25% off (plus tax) and I will deliver by Friday.  Or mail by Friday if needed.

If something needs to be ordered then it will be 10% off (plus tax) and I will place the order on Monday after Mother's Day.  I'm sorry it won't be here by Mother's Day but you will still get the sale and it will be here shortly!

So, this is what I have in stock that is 25% off....

I have 2 sets of the Trial Size of the TimeWise Miracle Set regularly $44.00.   I have 3 sets of the Satin Lips regularly $18.00
I have some different shades of the Matte Wear Luminous can let me know what shade you need and I can let you know.
I have a few sets of Mary Kay for men shave gel, body spray and after shave!!!   P.S. Kraig loves it!  So  does my dad and brother-in-law.  
I have a …

The Monsoon of 2009

This time roughly 4 years ago - Kraig and I were married.

We got married May 2, 2009.

I don't know if you all remember that like we do.  Granted, it was our wedding day/weekend so we won't forget but it was also the weekend the monsoon came through Chickamauga.

Much like this weekend.

On Thursday before the wedding, we got word that the weather was going to get really bad.  Now, we (I) wanted to get married outside!!!  We didn't buy flowers or things to decorate the church with because we WERE getting married outside.

When we heard how bad the weather was going to be...we had to make the tough decision to move the wedding inside.

It poured all morning long, much like let up long enough to get some pictures outside but not much.  Once we left and headed to our Bed and rained the rest of the weekend.

Here are some wonderful pics from that weekend!  I loved how it turned out.  I was pleased with everything.  Even without flowers and big decorati…

Just a little update...

I guess let's start out with who you really care about :)


Monday, Rett was 10 months.  Where have the days gone?!

He's gotten so big.  I love it but I sure do miss the days where he would let me snuggle him to sleep.

So, let's see...

We had to go to the doctor for a followup from his 8 month checkup.  They were concerned he isn't gaining weight like he should.  Talk about stressing a Mommy and Daddy out.  Well, he's fine.

He is healthy and active.  But he's still not gaining weight.  In 2 months, he didn't even gain a pound.  SAD!  And it's not for lack of trying.  I am still nursing but I have added in baby foods at 2 meals and lots of snacks so either he's just going to be little like his dad and mom OR because he's super active, he's just burning quicker than I can feed him.  Either way, he's not on the unhealthy range...just in the "keep an eye on" range.  We are thankful either way for a fun and active little guy. W…

Spring Break '13!!!

Wahoo....what a week!

WE have been super busy this week.  We had planned weeks ago to go visit some very dear friends in Alabama and go to the zoo.  We have been planning for weeks to see each other and things kept falling through.  So, we finally picked a date and we were going.  Then, it rained.  So, we cancelled the trip - I mean, the zoo isn't any fun if it rains, right?

Well, I get a kick in my step (is that the right phrasing?) Who knows...

I make a list.  It's a big list.  It's a fun list, work list, honey-do list, everything we (I) wanted to accomplish while Kraig is off of work.  I left little room for rest and school work, my bad :(  I am feeling real bad right about now.  Although, he did get to play golf one day and play basketball multiple times.  It's ok.  He's had fun.

Well, Monday rolled around and when we were supposed to be driving to Alabama, we get the word that our friends are coming here!  YAY!!!!  Nothing like a wonderful change of plans.  I…