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Spring Break '13!!!

Wahoo....what a week!

WE have been super busy this week.  We had planned weeks ago to go visit some very dear friends in Alabama and go to the zoo.  We have been planning for weeks to see each other and things kept falling through.  So, we finally picked a date and we were going.  Then, it rained.  So, we cancelled the trip - I mean, the zoo isn't any fun if it rains, right?

Well, I get a kick in my step (is that the right phrasing?) Who knows...

I make a list.  It's a big list.  It's a fun list, work list, honey-do list, everything we (I) wanted to accomplish while Kraig is off of work.  I left little room for rest and school work, my bad :(  I am feeling real bad right about now.  Although, he did get to play golf one day and play basketball multiple times.  It's ok.  He's had fun.

Well, Monday rolled around and when we were supposed to be driving to Alabama, we get the word that our friends are coming here!  YAY!!!!  Nothing like a wonderful change of plans.  I…

What are you doing?

Growing up, I never had a plan.  I guess I had the mind set that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.  Which I still kind of live by this thought however - I try to plan a little bit more.

While a lot of my friends knew what they wanted to be when they grew up, I had no idea.

They knew the colors of their weddings and the flowers and where to place them, I didn't even know if I would get married.

They had their kids names picked out and how many they would have.  I didn't want a kid.

I did know that I wanted to see the world.  That was the extent of my plans.  I didn't know how I would do this but I knew I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel, Rome, where Jesus walked and lived, and every state in the U.S. of A.

I have enjoyed seeing my friend's plans come full circle.  They are having the weddings of their dreams and having their kids, white picket fences and 2 car garages.  I love it.  :)

WOW!!!  Have things in my life changed.  I have seen a lot of states in the USA.  I…

It's always something

I had a friend tell me a few weeks ago, "It's always something."  
She was talking in regards to her child...meaning there is always something happening.  Whether we go from tooth to tooth to tooth or from tooth to sickness, or getting into everything or learning to walk - it's a process and it is constantly moving...there's no stopping.  I truly believe this more than ever.  Rett is even more constant than before, he goes non stop...he is probably weeks from walking and days from crawling.  Although, if you count army crawling - HE'S CRAWLING.  He goes all day long.

SIDE NOTE - for all of those praying for us and our sleeping habits - we are getting it under control and we are seeing some huge improvements.  :)  Maybe another blog later but for now, I just pray it keeps working.
But anyways....It is always something.  That's true for real life too.  Not just kids.  I was thinking a few days ago about Kraig and my first apartment.  Sometimes, I miss thos…

I drink my coffee black


Since Kraig and I have tried (and failed) giving up cokes, I have become an avid coffee drinker.  I don't know if its the little extra kick that I need in the morning after a sleepless night or just the social aspect of it.  Originally I started drinking coffee just with Kraig when we went out but now, I drink it almost every morning and sometime throughout the day.  We did go about 2 months without a soft drink and we will try to go another 2 months.  We will just take it a day at a time.  And drink more coffee.  So, last week, we had run out of milk...I had made my coffee from our trusty Keurig, I go to the fridge, low and behold, NO MILK.  I couldn't let my freshly brewed blueberry coffee go to waste.  I just put some sugar in that bad boy and drank it like there's no tomorrow.  I say that to say...I have got this mommy thing figured out.

***I figured out that all babies are different.

***I have figured out that diapers are so expensive.  After almost…