Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rett is growing...

It's been a while.

Sorry for my absence.  NO excuses.

Here are a few pics...from the past few weeks....

We had some fun with shaving cream.

Loved the wood chips at the park

First football game of the season...cheering on Evan!!!

I think he is precious....

Fun day at the park

My little south far anyways...

He loves riding on Daddy's shoulders

That face....

Fun day hiking at Cloudland Canyon

He has to move the seats at the volleyball games.  He's so strong.  

Silly boy!  Love that curly hair.  I never want to cut it.

He's teething.  His molars have come in and he's moving onto the set of teeth.  He had his well check up a few days ago.  He's a little over 20 pounds and 31 inches tall.  He's happy and healthy and loads of fun.  He loves to go on walks and be outside.  He loves dogs and animals....and loves to be around people.  He loves to play.  He can sign "please" and "more"  We are working on "thank you"  He can say "ball" and "dad"  and sometimes "dog"  He's just a smart little guy.  We are having so much fun learning from him and figuring out parenting.  It's been a blast.  It's hard but we are loving it.  

Just wanted to give our out of town family an update on Rett!  He's a bundle of joy and loves life!  :)  

Love you all!  Miss you guys!