Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Well, it's been a busy few months.

We went to New York with Kraig's family.

I started working my summer job.

Rett turned one, started walking and became a little toddler all in one week it seems like.

We went to Florida.

My parents sold their house in a day, moved to an apartment and have yet to find a place to plant their roots.

We saw some very dear friends off to China.  We got to visit with some more dear friends from Alabama.

It has just been one thing after another.  And I feel like I don't have a thing to show for it except a messy house and a walking baby boy.

And I'm pretty positive I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am very sad our summer camp is coming to a close... BUT I am so excited about the new school year and being home with my now 1 year old.  It's crazy how a kid will change things and perspectives.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about lists and we suggested we make a "blog bucket list."  We wanted to make our list, do it and write about our experiences.  Then, my mom gave me her list/goals for her new school year and although one of her's was directed at my sister and I (new grandbaby...hint hint) she had some big things to accomplish this year.  So, with those two conversations fresh on my mind - I figured I'd make a "blog list" for this year with Rett and being at home.  So here goes!

             1 ~ do more hands on things with Rett with learning and teaching him things.  I want him to try more things and see things.  We will get out more.  He is such a blessing and I am so thankful for him but I can easily say that last year was probably one of the hardest years ever.  It probably stemmed from my mental state more than anything but honestly - I didn't want to do anything.  So, this year....I want to do...I want to be more present in his life and show him the world.  He's precious and so full of life and I want to experience that with him instead of being borderline depressed.  I have no reason but to love life with him and I am so excited for that this year.

           2 ~ my girls in my youth group want to get "FIT"  So, we are working out 3 days a week.  Talk about a commitment.  I already struggle with time management and not seeing my family, so to commit to do something with the girls when time is so valuable, well to be honest - it was a hard decision.  But long story short - I came to realize they are part of my "family" too and I need to be present in their lives too.  And I want to be present in their lives.  So, again...I am going to get fit while hanging out and investing in my girls!  I am pretty excited about this too.

          3 ~ I know I say this all the time but I want to cook.  I remember growing up and my mom cooked probably every night....ok at least 4 out of the 7 nights.  And she's a great cook!  I only to aspire to be like her, she is amazing.  Anyways - I want to cook - I want to have a family-sit-down-at-the-dinner-table-dinner....So, that means things will have to change.  I will have to prepare, menu plan, go to the dreaded grocery store, and make the plan for the food to be ready when Kraig gets home.  So, I hope to tackle that this year.

        4 ~  we have lots of little things we want to accomplish this year too like just being more involved with our youth, doing more family things and getting more things done/fixed/changed in our house....just the random day to day things but I guess the big thing is I want to be more proactive and live rather than just "trying to survive."  Which is how I am pretty sure I spent the whole first year of Rett's life.  :(

We will see...I hope I can place big fat check marks beside each of these but let's be real...I can't do these alone.  So, we will see.  I hope I can get that energy from the Lord and get this going and not sit back and let life happen.  I want to live it.  I want to make memories with my family.

I encourage you to make goals for the new school year.
I hope you will do more and make things happen.  And enjoy life.