Tuesday, March 3, 2015

some praises....

I've started this blog for days now and keep running around in circles of how or what I want to say.

Bottom line...

God is GOOD.  That's what I keep going back too.  Let's praise Him for a minute....

We have had a great news from our cousins that are battling horrible diseases!  There is still much fight to be had but God is good.

We got great news from a friend this morning....their adoption is a GO!  God is good!

We have seen God work in our kids lives and our church family in huge ways the past few weeks!  God is good!

It's so easy to be in a slump especially with this gloomy weather that we have had.  But God still works.  He works in the small things and even the big things!!!  

After the beauty of last week's snow, I found myself loving the parts that were untouched.  I loved looking at everyone's pictures and the beauty of it.  But would get messed up.  People would walk on it, drive through it, and play in it.  

Sometimes...we get messed up.  We get caught up in the every day and forget that we need to remember that what God has done and is doing.  We need to pull ourselves out of our yucky funk and FOCUS on the beauty of what He is doing.  

I have been refreshed lately and I love seeing what God is doing elsewhere.  

I hope you can be encouraged and then reflect on what He is doing in your life!