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Being pregnant = studying for exams

But let's think about this. I'm not sure if any of you were like me in college but this is how I got through 4 years of it....
I would get my syllabus at the beginning of the semester just like everyone else. I would digest it along with my other class syllabuses and then begin to organize them all. I would get a new calendar every year and then put the due dates and then my due dates of when I wanted to have things done and then I would go to the store and buy new folders and sticky notes to help me along the process of passing my class and being super organized while doing it. Well, midway through the semester...I don't know if I got senioritis early (every year) or if I just lost the desire or I can attest to my last year that I met this dreamy baseball player whole stole my heart and I just lost all desire to finish school (I DID FINISH AND GRADUATE). But I don't know what would happen...I would begin to just lose interest and start projects the n…

We have a name :)

We are back from vacation! RELAX, RELAX and RELAX...that was my motto for the week. :)
We had a great doctor visit last week. Baby G is looking good. Have to go back next week for the Diabetes test. yay... Then we go every 2 weeks. He will be here before we know it.
We registered at Target last week. Loads of fun. :) I guess things are starting to come together.
We are starting to mark things off our to-do list. I always love that.
We started at the new church today, with a sunrise service. This is a big deal. I have never been to a sunrise service and they expect me to be there and be nice. We had to pray that I am awake and presentable because early mornings are not my thing. We are so very excited and can't wait for what awaits us with this new group of kids. :)
We put a bid in on a house and they accepted. We have had the inspection and everything looks great so we are on to the next step. We hope to be moved by the end of May but we sure would love to be in t…