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a praise and a prayer


What a few weeks!!!  Busy!!!  I cant even begin to tell you what has been going on...

Let's start with praising the Lord for what He has done.  Kraig and I have set out to take our youth kids to GoldRush 2014 in Atlanta, GA.  I have gone on this trip probably 3 times and every time I come away amazed and encouraged by the Lord.  I am so excited to take our kids.  But in order for this to happen we need to raise some money.  We put on another yard sale.  Last year, we had a yard sale and made right around $1,000.00.  Well, this year by our 2nd dropoff date, I was hoping for just $500.  I don't know why I short change the Lord.  So, on Friday (day before the sale), we went up to the church and began to set up and get everything organized.  Our kids showed up to work (and play and eat)...and our church family showed up!!!  They came out to help set up.  Such a blessing.  Over the past 2 years, I have so enjoyed working along side these families, getting to know them and hearing their stories.  Well, we didn't have much stuff so I didn't set out many tables.  Let me tell ya something was like when Jesus fed the 5,000 and His food kept multiplying.  That's what was happening with this stuff.  We hardly had any furniture or "big ticket" items.  I think the most we sold one single item was $50.  But anyways...back to the Friday....the stuff just multiplied.  We had to send the guys down to get more tables.  We had to get more clothes racks.  We had to move around tables.  I still have no idea where this stuff came from.  But either way...I was so pleased.  The Lord provided the stuff.  Why I doubt, I'll never know.  We left Friday night just praying for the people to come and that we would be able to minister to them even through a simple thing like a yard sale.  Well, again...I was just praying for $500 because we didn't have a lot of big items.  We opened at 8:00 am...people started coming at 7:30 am....and we didn't stop until we had to close the doors at 12:30 pm.  There was a constant flow of people.  It was beautiful.  The Lord again provided the people for our location.  So, when it was time to count the cash - we had over $1,100.  I was floored.  Side note - we had a bake sale also...Mrs. Sandra helped head that up because I wasn't all about it...mainly because last year when I put it together, it flopped so I was totally ok with not doing one but Mrs. Sandra wanted to help out and she loves anything baking and youth so I said sure thing, please head it up....she made over $100 alone in that!  Again,  I was floored.  I don't even know what we sold because when it was all said and done, we still had bookoos of stuff.  So, we opened up again after church on Sunday and did a half price and we made another $200 in 45 minutes.  I was beyond humbled by the love of our church family and the help they provided, the time they committed to this sale, and the donations they gave both with the stuff and monetarily.  Through that weekend alone we made close to $2,000 with donations and the sale.  We are well on our way to GoldRush 2014.  I signed us up this morning knowing that the Lord will provide the rest of the money for our trip.  I am  so excited!

So, with that being said....our 1st annual golf tournament is coming up May 17th.  Let me know if you want to help!

I think the only change to this flyer is that the start is 9:00 am not 8:00.  Let me know if you want to sponsor a hole or play!  We would love to have you come out!

Now for a Rett update....if you follow this blog, I am sure most of you know that we have been struggling with Rett's weight.  He can't seem to gain weight on a steady basis and sometimes even he will lose weight.  It has been a bit discouraging especially when he is so happy and healthy most of the time.  He eats well, plays and is where he needs to be for his age.  Just his weight has been the issue. Well, this last visit (we go monthly) he lost a significant amount and the doctor is really growing concerned.  He said we need to get back to giving Rett more milkshakes which I know Rett doesn't oppose.  He said to try to get more protein in him.  Rett doesn't do great at eating meat but he eats a lot of peanut butter and yogurt so I wasn't worried until this visit.  So, when we go back next month, the doc hopes to see a weight gain and if not then he wants to explore some other options.  All of which are not extremely easy for a momma.  So, please keep us in your prayers as we try to get a handle on his weight and be more aggressive with what could be the possible reason for his weight loss.  We are praying it is just because of his high metabolism and high activity because he is ALWAYS ON THE MOVE.  But just pray we see an increase this next visit and get good news!  

Love you all!  Thanks again for all the support for our youth and for our son!  We are so overwhelmed with God's watch over us.  And that He cares for things big and small.  


  I am clinging to that promise today.


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