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before and in between

For the past year, I have struggled horribly with fatigue, bad self esteem, weight gain and some days just not wanting to get out of bed.

I think I attributed the bulk of that to having a toddler and not being able to lose the "baby bump."

So, I would work out, try to eat better, try to take naps and I was still so exhausted.  I just couldn't catch up.  I would pretty much run an IV of Dr. Pepper through my body most days and still couldn't make it through the day.  I just struggled.

I finally said "I AM SICK OF NO ENERGY, FATIGUE, and THE EXTRA WEIGHT!!!" and so  I started a boot camp.  Well, that worked great as far as the extra energy and gaining muscle and I could tell a difference in my sleep and just my attitude seemed to be better but I still couldn't cut the weight.  I had a friend in my college days that worked at a summer camp with me and I kept seeing her wonderful posts of her post baby health and how great she was feeling and how she was dropping the baby weight.  I was so jealous.

I wanted to feel better.  I wanted to enjoy my 2 year old and not be so groggy.  So, I messaged her.

I am now half way through my nutritional pack and let me tell you, I have never felt better.  I have so much farther to go but I look forward to my workouts, I no longer have to have a nap or a Dr. Pepper fact, I have cut out Dr. Peppers and cokes altogether.  For anyone who knows me...knows this is huge!

I have lost right at 8 pounds and many inches!!  I feel good about myself and look forward to the future.  I have more weight to drop to hit my goal but I am so excited about doing it the healthy way with eating right and working out hard!

This is a before pic which was a few months ago.  It still looks like I am 6 months pregnant.  The pic on the right is from today and it only looks like I'm 4 months pregnant.  HA But I am toned up and few pounds down, tons more energy and ready to conquer the rest of the weight loss journey.

I know they aren't great photos mainly because of the phone quality... and I just hate taking selfies.... But there is progress and I am so excited about that!!!  It's been so long since I have seen the scale drop or energy level high so it is something to be celebrated and shared with others!

Let me help you get started!!!  I can tell you all about what is helping my process!!!

Thanks Charley for all your help and getting me started!!!


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