Tuesday, December 30, 2014

what a break

Well, I don't know about you but we need a vacation.  Kraig has one more week off before he returns to normal schedule.  We had Gigi and Papa come for a visit!  We had our youth Christmas party! We have a sickly baby boy (just sinus stuff) and we are pooped for all the craziness of the last two weeks.  Although, we wouldn't trade it for anything...well...the sickness but everything else was great!

Last year, for our youth Christmas party, we just had a dinner and played games at the church.  This year, we wanted to do something special and off of the church campus.  So, we got the idea to go skiing.  Well, it was supposed to rain and it never got cold enough so we had to change our plans.  We racked our brains and came up with a Christmas Scavenger Hunt at the mall.  We split the groups up into 3 teams and let them loose (with a chaperone, of course) in the mall.  They had to talk to strangers, find trash, get an autograph, sing a Christmas carol, and do some other crazy things.  It was super fun.  Well, the girls had a blast.  I think the boys just went a long with it because they got to walk around the mall for a few hours.  They were good sports.

Then, Gigi and Papa arrived for the week of Christmas!!!  Rett had so much much fun showing them around, playing with them and sharing Christmas with them.  We shopped a couple days, cooked, ate too much and just enjoyed each other!  It was a nice time and I am so glad they got to come for Christmas.  We always look forward to seeing our PA family!!!  I just wish we could all be together one year.  Maybe in a couple years!!!  That would be a great Christmas present for Gigi and Papa :)

After they left, we cleaned out the garage, the Christmas decorations came down and Kraig moved our living room around.  :)  We are cleaning out Rett's old toys and clothes to make room for his new stuff and next we plan to clean out our clothes and stuff.  I guess the spring cleaning has started early for me.  I think every year for New Year's, I get this hankerin' to "be more organized, cleaner, etc" And I do ok for a few weeks and then it all goes downhill.  At least I start off good, right?  Maybe 2015 will be different.  :)

How was your Christmas?

What are your goals for 2015?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and now and awesome 2015!  I look forward to 2015.  I think we have a lot of fun things to look forward too :)

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