Friday, February 6, 2015

what is my WHY?!

So, as many of you all might know....I started an awesome new nutritional product a couple of months ago.

At first, it was to lose weight, which to be honest, I still haven't reached my goal but I am closer than I was.

But it has evolved.  Now, I want to continue to lose weight but we have some more things on the horizon and I want to be able to pay for those things without going further in debt or having to use money that we already have designated for other places.  So, I want to do this business and make some money.

Here are some of those reasons WHY I want to continue on with this program...

          1.  To get out of debt.  Isn't  that always the thing!  We went through the Dave Ramsey plan before Kraig and I got married and have done OK with sticking with the plan but we have had some unforeseen things come up and we were forced to get into some debt to pay for some home repairs.  Because I stay home, and would love to continue to stay at home with Rett, I want to help us get out of DEBT!!!  I want the freedom that comes with being debt free and being able to still be at home with my kid.

          2.  Next, Rett will probably start school in August at OCA!  We are super excited about the opportunity so we have got to start saving for it now.  I want my income to supplement that payment to OCA so it won't be an added expense out of Kraig's check.

          3.  I believe in this product and if it's helping others get healthy or to become debt free, I want to help.  I have read countless stories of success and I look forward to being successful too.  I want to help my family's finances as well as being with Rett.

I am sure these reasons will continue to evolve more over the months but right now, I want to help get our family out of debt and pay for Rett's school next year!  I hope that eventually my reasons will become less selfish and more selfless so we can give more!  That is my ultimate goal!

Let me help you do the same.  Whether its to be healthier or to become debt free!  I can help!  Let me know what I can do for you!!!

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