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snow day, photo bomb

  Photo bomb!  Sorry for the way this looks, I'm not patient enough to figure out how the pictures should be placed.  :(  And sorry so long but we have some great pics of the last few weeks of our snow days!!!!  Hope you all enjoyed your snow/time off/rest was a great time for us!  

These are from our snow a couple weeks ago.  He didn't like it.  However, we think due to a tooth breaking through, him just waking up from a nap and the lack of gloves, he just wasn't feeling it.  So, we didn't last long.  But it was a great few days with Kraig off work to be able to spend some extra time with us and a time for rest.

While he was teething, he insisted on being naked.  He tried to go around without a diaper too, but I wasn't going for that one.  I love this picture of him.  


Lance, Kraig and Rett built a snowman!  This time, we were prepared with gloves and more sleep.  HE LOVED THE SNOW!  Our dogs loved the snow too but they loved relaxing even more.  Then, JoJo (my sister's dog) came over and Rett and her had to watch the snow fall.  He loves JoJo.  He says, "JOJO!!!"  Then, he calls our dogs, "dog" hahahaha I guess we need to work on the names of our dogs.  :)

This is one of my favorites from these past few snow days.  If you could zoom into Rett's face.  It is pure joy.  I love him.  :)

My dad threw snow at him.  He thought it was hilarious.
He loved the snow so much better this time.  When he would walk he would just fall into it because it was so deep.  He loved to make "balls" (snowballs).  He would take a bite out of the ball and then throw it.  Then, when he got hit or hit someone else with his ball, he would just giggle.  He was so much fun to watch this time.  

 Mom took most of these pictures.  This one is great of him throwing a ball!!!!




I think another favorite was to roll in the snow.

OR SIT........



 Getting a taste before he throws it.....

For Valentine's, the Incline was giving free rides up the mountain and since Kraig was going to have a 1/2 day, we were going to have a fun, family day.  Well, the WONDERFUL snow messed that up.  Although we had a blast the last few days, we had to let Kraig go back to work today so Rett and I went to the Incline.  Well, I don't do heights well so I was a bit nervous.  I called my parents.  My mom didn't have to go back to school today so they were so gracious to help me with Rett in case I got too nervous going up the mountain.  Well, Rett did great, I did ok and we made it up the mountain and back down and had a great lunch with my parents.  All in all, a great Valentine's with my little Valentine (and parents) We just missed Kraig.  
Hope you all have had a great few snow days and a wonderful Valentine's with your honey!  Love you all and am so thankful for you all!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

O....PS.....if you are needing some gift ideas visit my friend's blog here  She has great ideas for this love day.  She has posted a blog for girls, guys and for both!  And most importantly about the greatest love of all.  It is just great!  Check her out.  :)


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